You can’t define a passion…if you are passionate about something you feel it and give it everything you’ve got…it creeps up on you and then it’s with you forever…

One day I asked my sister, who was an art student, about the word calligraphy…her answer came at Christmas...a Schaeffer kit complete with everything I thought was needed: cartridge pen, ink, paper and that little booklet…was I ever in for a surprise!!

The minute I set pen to paper I was hooked! I knew right there and then that calligraphy would be a fun thing to learn…never did I think that it would become part of my livelihood!

My way

In 1995 after many hours of just practicing all by my lonesome I joined the ranks of the Montreal Calligraphy Society signing up for different workshops and activities…I realized then that I still had a long way to go…I was even scared thinking I’d never make it… A few years later, I became workshop co-ordinator which enabled me to meet many great teachers personally and not just participate in one of their classes…I was meeting the authors of so many books that I had in my library, they were becoming more and more alive!
Then internet really got things going…I found a group of people calling themselves Cyberscribes with whom I could exchange and find out about what was going out in the lettering world. How many friends I’ve made since signing up to this one and only group … it is a world of passionate, generous, caring people and artists from every little corner of the world.   It is through this exchange that I found out about the annual conferences mostly held in the States…my first conference was in Boston…I felt like I was on another planet, playing, working and yes even crying… but learning so much in so little time…I have been to many since then and have studied with masters, such as Sheila Waters, John Stevens, Diane Von  Arx, Peter Thornton, Thomas Hoyer, Massimo Polello and the list goes on…


By 1996,  I realized that I wanted to do more than participate in conferences and workshops, all this learning needed to put to the test…I decided to set up my lettering business, Majuscules.  How many challenges I have met since then, working late nights, early mornings, with all those last minutes changes, lettering on all sorts of surfaces…learning and learning more through test and trial…You must remember that on a hand lettered piece there is no delete, you must concentrate, breathe, and fix those mistakes when time is of the essence.

Today my world still revolves around lettering and much is still to be learned, but I am always ready for a more and more, and when you think of it that’s what being passionate is all about…

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